From time immemorial man has been a wanderer seeking greener pastures to enhance his quality of life. Civilisations have traversed hundreds of kilometers to eventually form a settlement. Little wonder then that in the early years of the 20th century, the ever enterprising Gujarati folk ventured out of their arid and rugged homeland to make a better life, moving out in all directions. A few of them landed up deep south here in Madurai.

Having made Madurai their ‘Karma Bhoomi’, these hardworking & enterprising youth not only settled here but by the blessing of Goddess Meenakshi established themselves successfully in their chosen field of business, rising from scratch to the pinnacles of success. Seeing their phenomenal success, many more Gujaratis followed suit and settled here.

As their numbers swelled in this magnificent land of Tamil Sangam, the Gujaratis sought to create their own identity. Thus, Sri Gujarati Seva Samaj was formed. The primary motto of the Samaj being to give back, in whatever little way, to the city of Madurai that had willingly accepted them and given them so very much. It was also felt that the unique and colourful culture and ethnicity of Gujarat must be showcased here.

As a result, two hospitals – G.P. Sangoye Jain Dispensary and Sha Surtanmalji Narsinghji Jain Eye Hospital; and a school – Sha Dargajee Heerajee Jain Vidyalaya were established. Both these institutions are run on a charitable basis and have since rendered yeoman service in the fields of health and education to the general public of Madurai. Moreover, all the festivals of Gujarat are celebrated with pomp and gaiety, which the local people are invited to witness and be a part of.

Sri Gujarati Seva Samaj has always risen to the need of the hour and has contributed, both financially and through service, to any challenge and calamity that has befallen not only Madurai but anywhere in India.

Today, Sri Gujarati Seva Samaj has a membership of 62 families comprising a total of 175 proud Gujaratis, spreading the intoxicating fragrance of Gujarati Asmita on the Temple City and its citizens.